Good Password practices to consider

By P de Wet

In the modern world, passwords are the key to almost everything. Most of us have multiple passwords that we use throughout the day.

Some helpful hints to make sure you stay safe on the Internet:

• Never share your private password with anyone. If someone asks for a password, it’s a scam.

• Avoid password recycling by just changing letters from lowercase to uppercase or vice versa.

• Change your passwords periodically.

• Don’t use the same password on several social media accounts.

• Use a long password. Use at least a 16 digit password whenever possible.

• Create passwords that are easy to remember but hard to guess. Using phrases, sentences or by misspelling words.

• Always avoid single words proceeded by a number. For example, “password123”

• Complexity still counts. Avoid using a word that can be found in the dictionary. Adding numbers and symbols will also help in creating complexity

• If you must use a dictionary word, try either combining your password with a number or adding punctuation at the beginning or at the end of the word. Get creative and formulate unique combinations.
Example: around the corner café, can be: “6@round(th3)c0rNer,!caFy”

• Avoid using information in your password that others might know about you. Birthdays, spouse names, phone number or pets names. A lot of information can be gathered on our online social media and can be used to figure out passwords.

• Using a password vault or management tool can be useful in keeping your passwords safe. Amobia’s partner, Bitdefender, has a password manager tool that is easy and safe to use.

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Passwords examples to avoid: “abcd1234”, “qwerty123”, “asdfgh”, “qqww1122″, “1q2w3e4r”, password","passw0rd”",“twitter2021”, “instagram123” or “creditsuisse111”,“sunshine”, “default”, “football”, “computer”, “iloveyou1”, “princess1”, “starwars”, “letmein”, “pokemon”, “batman”, “cookie”

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