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Online Shopping

Making safe online transactions this festive season

Faster and more reliable Internet has opened the doors too endless shopping advantages. Easy Price comparison’s and bigger product ranges have made online shopping a popular choice to avoid all the chaos that goes with the festive preparations....

Internet speed

Expected Download times for different Internet Speeds.

Bytes vs Bits and the Speed of your connection. Computers uses binary to communicate. 1’s and 0’s is used to send information. One of these numbers is called a bit. 8 of these bits are called 1 byte. 1000 bytes = 1Kilobyte (KB)1000 KB = 1...

Dialing A Telephone In The Office Pztb767

What are the benefits of using VoIP vs a normal phone service?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol systems are fast becoming the top business phone solution of choice for companies all over the world. There are marked differences between VoIP, cloud-based PABX systems and normal landlines that make VoIP a...


Phishing scams have become more sophisticated

Phishing scams have seen an increased and as per the 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report by Verizon, phishing was present in one-third of all data breaches in 2018. It is considered that 1 of at least 25 mails are branded phishing emails. But...


The risks associated with installing Apps on your phone.

It generally accepted that all apps in your app store is safe to install on your phone. However, this is far from the truth. Bleeping Computer reported that often these malicious App will pose as a very useful apps. These apps can be...

Amobia Speed test

What is an Internet speed test?

In Short, a speed test will test your Internet speed to a test server by downloading and uploading Data packets, to and from a test server. Speed tests can be used as an indicator but are not always accurate and can be affected by how busy the...


Good Password practices to consider

In the modern world, passwords are the key to almost everything. Most of us have multiple passwords that we use throughout the day.Some helpful hints to make sure you stay safe on the Internet: • Never share your private password with anyone. If...

Keeping the internet a safe space for all

Keeping the Internet a Safe Space for All

Try imagining your world without an internet connection for a second. Unimaginable right? Even an hour without the internet seems like an eternity, especially for young people...

What sets Amobia Fibre apart

What Makes Amobia Stand Out Among Fibre Internet Providers?

There are a lot of companies competing for your attention as service providers to connect you to the world wide web. Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) promote price and speed as the only factors important to customers. However with so much competition in the marketplace offering the same benefits, shouldn’t the benchmark be higher? At Amobia we value integrity, ease of use, service and giving back to the community...

A good Wi-Fi signal is essential for the best Internet Experience 1

A good Wi-Fi signal is essential for the best Internet Experience

With High Fibre Internet speeds, we are no longer limited to what we can do on the Internet. Having poor Wi-fi Signal will however cause the user to experience degraded service. We have found that the placement of the Wireless Internet router...

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