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Let’s face it, even one day without the Internet would have most of us frustrated. Imagine how that day would go. Client meetings cancelled, jobs at risk, kids running around the house trying to get your attention and that means no time to just relax or read a book.

Our daily lives have become reliant on the Internet for every connection we need to make, be it business or bonding time while helping the kids with their homework. Every moment and beautiful memory we make is connected to quality and reliable Internet connections in one way or the other.

So, how does Amobia make sure the connections that matter in your everyday life are possible? How do we become part of your vision for your business and keep the kids busy so you can get your much-needed downtime?

Since 2003, our goal has been to deliver affordable and reliable 24/7 Internet connectivity to businesses and homes across South Africa, by offering a variety of Internet solutions tailored to your need, because we understand that for you it’s more than just Internet. For some it’s creating jobs while building your vision, for others it’s taking a much-needed breather after a long day. At Amobia, we take pride in delivering great Internet connection so that it is the one connection you don’t need to worry about.

We understand the importance of our clients' time, we therefore have a 24/7/365 manned call centre to ensure that should any connection be disturbed; our team is readily available to get you reconnected in no time, so you can go back to running your business and household.

Be it uncapped fibre and/or wireless deals, VoIP or LTE, at Amobia we go all out to provide you with Internet solutions to meet your everyday unique needs.

Contact us today and switch to Amobia, the Internet service provider that understands that it’s more than just Internet.

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