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What is fibre Internet? Exactly. Most of us have wrestled with the term, searching google and asking our tech-savvy friends for answers. Simplified, fibre internet can be described as an internet connection that makes use of fibre-optic cables that transmit data using light impulses which means higher volumes of data can be sent at incredible speeds.

Ultimately, we all need reliable and fast internet connections whether we are using it for entertainment, education, transacting, music, security, working from home or IoT in our smart homes. This means a reliable fibre internet provider with the best fibre deals is crucial.

But why is fibre internet beneficial to you? Here are three essential benefits you need to know about fibre internet connection:


Has a file that is meant to take 3 minutes to download ever taken over 30 minutes? Does your favourite show on Netflix continuously buffer? Does the file you are trying to upload for your varsity project keep failing? If this has happened to you, you’re not alone. The best solutions are our uncapped fibre deals to alleviate your internet connection sorrows.

Fibre optic home internet speeds are available up to 1 Gbps. That means it is 10 to 20 times faster than the old copper ADSL lines. Meaning fast internet download speed and less internet connection related interruptions.

Need to determine just how fast your internet connection needs to be? See our guide below:

Cyber Security


We have all had this happen: You’re enjoying the Springboks with your family, Cheslin Kolbe gets the ball, steps, dashes then your internet buffers. Is it your smart TV? No, it is your slow internet connection.

The truth is, your internet connection should be reliable and fast enough to stream anything without unnecessary interruptions. That is exactly what uncapped fibre is. Fibre is less susceptible to interference, damage and aging than connections that use copper cables. It’s much more resilient over long distances allowing lower data transmitting times, making it a more reliable source of internet for your home and/or business needs


According to South Africa’s Data Report for 2022, the days of having one device requiring an internet connection are behind us. Nowadays we have smartphones, smart TVs, laptops, tablets and security systems that require a reliable fast internet connection, often simultaneously.

Fibre rises to the occasion because it can handle the load. Uncapped fibre can handle a large volume of bandwidth at any given time. Fibre allows you the freedom and flexibility to increase your line speeds as your number of devices and demand for connectivity increases. You can now stream your sport, while your wife enjoys her reality tv in the next room and your children play high speed tv games all at the same time with zero buffering!

As our fibre is unshaped, uncapped and unthrottled you will not be penalised in any way, shape or form on your usage. Pure enjoyment when it comes to your home / business internet.

Wondering where you can find the nearest fibre providers in South Africa? Look no further than Amobia. We are more than just internet; we are about connections that matter, so allow us to assist you by choosing the correct line speed for your home, getting you installed and online!

For fast and reliable uncapped fibre deals in your location, click the link: https://www.amobia.com/home-internet

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