The risks associated with installing Apps on your phone.

By P de Wet

It generally accepted that all apps in your app store is safe to install on your phone. 

However, this is far from the truth.

Bleeping Computer reported that often these malicious App will pose as a very useful apps. These apps can be anything from virtual keyboards, wallpaper changers or edit tools for your videos and images. The list is endless. 

Installing random app can lead to your social media credentials or banking information being stolen.
It can also cause your phone to be unusable after attaining all your information. 
Joker apps are known for their fraudulent charges that will occur as the app will subscribe the user to premium services.

You should not blindly trust any app and it’s advised to read the reviews and ratings of these apps first before considering them.
Ensuring that play protect is enabled on your phone should help monitoring your Internet data and battery usage and will flag your suspicious apps.

Installing an antivirus software like Bitdefender on all your devices can help protect you and your family against these app.
Bitdefender Total security enables you to install Internet security software on all devices from Microsoft, apple and android devices.

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