What Makes Amobia Stand Out Among Fibre Internet Providers?

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There are a lot of companies competing for your attention as service providers to connect you to the world wide web. Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) promote price and speed as the only factors important to customers. However with so much competition in the marketplace offering the same benefits, shouldn’t the benchmark be higher? 

At Amobia we value integrity, ease of use, service and giving back to the community, as important , as price point, connectivity and speed. This comprehensive approach, is what sets us apart from other ISPs and is fast establishing Amobia as South Africa’s service provider of choice!

Let’s take a step back. Amobia was established in 2003, with the primary goal to deliver affordable and reliable 24/7 internet connectivity to homes and businesses across South Africa. We therefore have years of experience as an ISP and understand the market, and our customers’ needs.

We pride ourselves on our expertise. Amobia comprises of a team of over 50-strong passionate, experienced individuals who care, not only about how we do business, but about, how we meet our customers connectivity expectations and requirements.

Did you know, at Amobia we own and manage our own Wireless infrastructure Network, which is easily deployable as a primary or redundant connectivity solution for home users, as well as businesses.

We also offer internet services on most of the largest Fibre Network Operators in the country, allowing for easily scalable, high-speed connections.

Our Wireless and Fibre products can be paired to ensure customers are connected quickly and never experience down time.

In the same way, our services range from broadband to dedicated links to ensure that every customer’s need is met.

Our core values are based on integrity, value-added service and giving back to the community. We understand that commitment to our customers and supporting our community go hand-in-hand, with excellent service delivery.
There seems to be a trend in the marketplace where service providers simply acquire customers - and thereafter the relationship ends! Amobia is different.

We do this by:

Empowering our customers -

We realise people have busy lives and responsibilities. The last thing you need, is internet downtime to slow productivity, on top of endless hours waiting to connect to someone in tech support!

To work together and respect our customers we offer the following solutions:

  • An App for customers to check account balance, usage, connectivity, upgrade services, and a Whatsapp line for 24/7 support centre response;
  • A service consultant or technician is available on the other side of the phone-line, and not just an automated response or bot to attend to you;
  • Family safety with BARK - a free product which assists parents in being notified when certain trigger words appear on their children's digital and social media accounts.
  • Unbeatable pricing on connectivity;
  • Infrastructure that allows excellent 24/7 connectivity.

Building our community by giving back -

To demonstrate our commitment to building our communities, we have invested in the following areas:

  • Empowering our youth - by partnering with 5 schools, offering them Free Fibre in partnership with Frogfoot - (4 in Port Elizabeth, Gqeberha and 1 in Johannesburg);
  • Supporting 3 local schools with Free Wireless Internet;
  • Supplying SPCA Uitenhage with internet - a major resource for them;
  • Offer discounted services to a number of charities;
  • Partnered with Project Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB), a private, good citizenship initiative to provide internet at the Greenacres Taxi Rank - which is a ground breaking initiative for public areas;
  • Have been the main sponsors for the Bay Ultra Event for 3 years running - encouraging community activities.

The above-mentioned points merely showcases our commitment and investment to our customers across all levels. We encourage you to join us on this empowering journey and experience what good internet, can do for you!

Amobia - More than just internet - Contact us today www.amobia.co.za

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