Voice over IP

Our VoIP provides a telephone service for homes and businesses over our fibre and wireless connections.

When you have an Amobia connection, you are not charged for your single VoIP line. This means that your only payment will be for the outbound calls you make.

Home Voip


For home use, VoIP is a simple and straightforward replacement for the traditional landline – because you shouldn’t have to pay more to stay connected to your loved ones.

Amobia’s VoIP offers the added benefits of being able to make local and international calls to both landlines and mobile phones, all by using your Internet connection. And our 24/7 telephonic support line is always available and just a call away to assist you.

With our hassle-free VoIP, you also get to keep your current landline number and port it to your new VoIP account. This way, you remain reachable and you save on the cost of calls.

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We offer PABX solutions for businesses looking to uncomplicate their communications.

And by moving your business calls online with us, you get further benefits from your high-speed Internet connection with Amobia. Our PABX offerings include up to 1000 extensions, call recording, staff training, and free inter-branch calling.

The option to port your number is also available on this cloud-based IP telephony solution – all without the need for long-term contracts.

With Amobia as your connectivity partner, not only can you enable your staff to work remotely more efficiently, but you can also save on your daily call costs.

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